Monday, January 25, 2010

Dan's Birthday Card (and why procrastinating is good)

I needed a birthday card for a friend last weekend, and it needed to be a quick card because, in my usual fashion, I procrastinated just a teeny bit about making the card.  So much for the "I won't procrastinate anymore" New Year's resolution, but I'm OK with that.

Anyway, I've had this Basic Grey Obscure paper for quite awhile, but never used it because it has skulls all over it.  Well, those skulls seemed perfect for this 40th birthday card!  The "You are here" and arrow are Starving Artistamps from the DoodleFactory Final Frontier collection, and I drew the "40!" myself and colored it with a Copic marker.  I added some bling and a diecut shape and finished the card in about a half hour.

Which brings me to why I'm OK with breaking my New Year's resolution:
  • Procrastinating makes me more efficient--this same card would have taken me at least twice as long if I'd had the time to squander.
  • Procrastinating makes me thrifty--if I had the time, I would have gone out and bought paper and a stamp especially for this card and who knows what else while I was there.
  • Procrastinating sparks my creativity--since I didn't have time to buy a stamp, I had to get creative and make do with what I had and draw what I couldn't stamp.
So there.  Procrastination is a virtue.  Hah!


  1. I have laughed since I started reading today!! This is a perfect explanation. Makes all kinds of sense to me. I love the card y ou made...I guess you saved the paper without knowing you were going to need it! I think he will get a real kick out of it. thanks for the chuckle on a dismal day!!

  2. I love the way you think!! and this is a very creative card!!


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