Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pretty Slick!

I got Photoshop Elements awhile back, and I was happy with it then, but now that I've learned to use it a bit better...Man! Is that software slick! This was a pretty lousy photo; it was taken at an odd angle, the colors were washed out, and it had a serious case of fish eye distortion. But, after a few quick adjustments...not bad at all.

This little cutie, I call her Clara, is from the DoodleFactory Winter set available at Starving Artistamps. The sentiment is also from Starving Artistamps. I colored my Clara with Copic markers, and since she's wearing her jammies, I popped her up on an embossed background panel that reminds me of a bedspread. So here she is, ready for bed on Christmas Eve. When she wakes up in the morning, she'll finally get to see what Santa brought. Little Clara sure looks wired, doesn't she? She's not going to sleep a wink. Oh yeah...she believes!

Happy Holiday!


  1. Cute Cute!!
    So now that you have been playing with Elements too...if I run into a problem I know who to call.
    I love my 7 and it's a rare photo that I don't tweak just a bit.

  2. My elements is still in the box but I plan on taking it with me on vacation so I can pass the travel hours learning to use it. It will help me pass the time until we can get together Dee!


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