Friday, February 4, 2011

Just one more to go!

I finished the Paint and Mix Color unit of the Draw and Paint in Your Pyjamas course leaving me with just one more unit to go before I can claim my certificate.  The final unit is Compose Original Art, and I'm so excited to finally be here.  It will be a proud moment when I get my certificate, but at this moment, right here, right now, I feel like I've reached a destination.  This is what I came here to learn.  I'm finally here! 

This was my final project for Unit 2, a copy of Cindy Wider's "The Holiday Makers".  In the dead of winter, it was fun to work with Cindy's bright, tropical truly did feel a bit like being on holiday.

Thanks for stopping by my studio today.  Happy Friday!


  1. Your painting is drop dead gorgeous!!! You really handled the paint beautifully, I'm truly amazed at your skill. I'm sure Cindy is just thrilled at all that you've accomplished and I'm sure you are too.

    I look forward to seeing you progress through composing your original art (although you already do).


  2. Wow, Donna - smashing!! Congrats!


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