Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall is Here

OK...I am in total Fall mode now, the leaves are turning, the weather is perfect, everyone isputting out their mums and pumpkins, I'm craving fresh apples, and I've put on a couple of pounds for no reason whatsoever.'s Fall, alright!

Keeping with my Fall state of mind, I made Halloween cards this weekend. This one, made with DoodleFactory Halloween II stamps available from Starving Artistamps, cracks me up if I do say so (and I do)! Trouble the cat has just brewed up a potion and conjured up a spell that turned Lorelei the Witch into a pumpkin! He's definitely having more fun than Lorelei right now, but see how Trouble's getting ready to sneak off? Lorelei is soooo not gonna be happy when that spell wears off!

My scene is colored with Copic markers, and I used a slick trick that I picked up from Marianne at I Like Markers. The ground is colored a darker shade of green, then I used lighter markers to create the pebbled texture. The lighter color dots push the darker color away leaving a very cool texture.


  1. A very Fall card all right! How funny with the cat and your story! Maybe he knows what it tastes like too! LOL

  2. It does leave a cool texture! I love this card! Your style is always so fun! :0)


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