Monday, September 1, 2008

A Magenta for Monday

I made this card to give to my friend, Leslie, and her fiance, Mark, at a party in their honor. They are getting married in October so Fall colors seemed appropriate, and besides, I just love to work with these colors.

The stamp is a Magenta frame/medallion stamp. I'm a huge fan of all things Magenta, and this stamp is one of my new favorites...partly because I love it, and partly because I shopped it victoriously on eBay for a darned good price...still makes me giddy to think about it!

I stamped it onto cranberry red and gold cardstock, and then embossed with clear EP. I actually used Opalite ink on the red, but you can't see the shimmer so Versamark would have worked just as well. I used brown pigment ink for the gold piece. I colored in the different areas with shimmering watercolors (like Twinkling H2O's) in shades of red, rust, gold and green. Finally, I cut the pieces apart and reassembled them using foam tape to add dimension. Fun and not too difficult because the cutting is mostly straight lines

Whatever you choose to do for enjoyment...enjoy it!


  1. I agree, Dee, that autumn colors can't be beat! That card is lovely beyond words.

  2. I second Donna's opinion. This is drop dead classy!!

  3. WOW, that card is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!

  4. Lovely! Just lovely! I'm also a huge Magenta fan, and used to love doing their layered medallions -- great for anniversary cards, or graduation cards using the person's school colors.

  5. Love this stamp and I have it! Love your card Dee. The colors are so rich and ready for Fall~!

  6. I am another in love with all things Autumn - this is a real showstopper!


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