Monday, March 16, 2009

Over Already

I'm always amazed by how quickly time flies when you are on vacation. It seems like we just got here, and our vacation is over already. Here are a few pictures of what we did the last few days:

The first photo is of the African elephants at the San Diego Zoo--Mom, her 2-year old female, and her baby male who was just 3 days old. He weighed 225 lb at birth, but doesn't he look so tiny compared to his mom and sister?

Next we have a lion sunning himself...
This is the view from the patio at the Orfila Winery in Escondido...
And these are some of the orchids inside the Botanical Building at Balboa Park in San Diego...

Be back soon!


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  2. love the animal pics! i'm so close to san diego, but i've never been down there.


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