Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Barbara and a Butterfly

We name winter storms that are forecasted to drop more than 6" of snow, and the one coming today is named Barbara.  Do your winter storms get names, or is it just a quirky local thing we do here?  Just curious.  As for Barbara, I'm hoping that she didn't need to be named after all.  I'll be at work when the snow really gets going, and that's just going to make it a real pain to get home.  Oh, for the want of an extra vacation day.  I would just stay home and make cards if I could!

I did have a little bit if time to stamp this weekend in between all of the Superbowl preparations and festivities.  I have a huge pile of scraps and backgrounds made from trying different techniques, and lately I've decided that I need to be using some of them.  The butterfly, from Starving Artistamps, on this card is stamped with black archival ink on a leftover piece done with the Technique Junkies (Apr/May 08) Rainbow Brilliance technique.  You can't see how pretty and shimmery this technique is, but trust me, it is.  The printed paper I used is Basic Grey Sugar Rush.

Have a great day!  If you're going to be home having a snow day, I have to admit that I'm kinda jealous. : D

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  1. We don't name our snow storms here, although the one we are currently enduring has had more than a few choice names I am sure! For me, let it snow - I am enjoying my snow days this year! Good luck with Barbara!


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