Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cute is OK Every Now and Then

Normally I'm not a big fan of "cute". Cute does have it's place though, especially if you have little ones on your card list. So I purposely got some cute stamps, and I'm making myself use them. Guess what? It's kind of fun! I don't think it will ever become my defining style, but a little bit of cute is OK every now and then.

I made this card thinking it would be a nice little Valentine for one of our DGD's. The background technique I used is Dry Embossed Wash from the Dec 07 Technique Junkies Newsletter. The kitties (ABC-Have a Heart set available from smARTworks on catalog page 88) are colored with my new Prismacolor markers, which I am officially in love with. I don't have a ton of colors for shading, so I've been making good use of the colorless blender -- so cool the way that thing lifts color! You do need to be a bit careful to stay away from the edges though, because it also makes colors bleed right outside the lines.

Have a great evening! I have GOT to go play with those markers some more!

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  1. Well you did a great job on the *cute*! I, too, am in total love with my Prisma markers. I only have 10 right now, but give me time...hee hee hee


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