Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is it too Soon to Think Spring?

Probably it is, but I'm doing it anyway...especially when I stamp! Here's my latest card. The background is a piece of polished stone that I thought I'd ruined. Rather than throw it away, I put it in my pile of rejects. I've found that I end up using most of them eventually, AND that I'm usually very pleased with the result, as is the case with this card. So that's my little tip to you -- don't be too quick to toss something in the trash!

I used cardstock and printed paper from my scrap pile, so I can't give you any deets on that. The ink is Brilliance Graphite Black, the flower is from Starving Artistamps, and the sentiment is from Sun Spirit Studio (available at Starving Artistamps).

Think Spring!


  1. this is gorgeous! glad you didn't toss that polished stone bg piece! it's not too early, I'm also thinking Spring

  2. Donna,

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe you created such a masterpiece with scraps. I love the colors you used.


  3. Just saw this on TJ and thought I'd pop over to take a peak. This is such a gorgeous card.


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