Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Question for You

I don't have much time to post right now, but I do have a card I'd like to share and a question to ask. I made this card to send in for the latest Take Ten sketch challenge. But here's the thing...I never did get my free copy of the magazine from being published last time. I've followed up a few times and have gotten no response. I'm not terribly upset because I do realize that things happen. But still, I haven't mailed my submissions in yet. What would you do?

Some quick deets on the the card: stamps are from smARTworks, coloring is done with Prismacolor marker, paper is from my ever growing stockpile. I know for sure that the stripe is Basic Grey Romani, and the the pink BG is Lasting Impressions.


  1. This card is so darn cute! Great work! I would go ahead and send my submissions and either: 1)enclose a note with the samples explaining that you never received your free copy last time or 2)send a separate note (via e-mail?) explaining the situation. I might even do both, just to make sure that I got what I was owed. Hope that helps...I have pretty much given up on submitting to Stampington myself as they never accept ANYTHING I send, no matter how good I think it is. ;-(

  2. I would go ahead and email. I hadn't received my free issue and wrote, and it turned out they had actually sent a copy to Indonesia but it hadn't arrived before we came home, and they sent me another copy to our stateside address right away. I can look up the lady's email address that helped me if you want. Just email me, k? Cute card! It matches the colors of my submission - maybe we'll be next to each other! LOL

  3. This layout is awesome! I am going to have to copy! Love this set too. Isn't it funny how you don't always see the potential until someone else uses it!


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