Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Different Kind of Tea

Our Tea Party hostess this week is Susan Liles, and her challenge was to create anything but a card. Wow. Cool challenge, Susan! I had lots and lots of ideas, but each one required me to buy something, and as it turned out, none of the things I needed to buy were readily available locally (at least not at the stores I frequent). My challenge pretty quickly became to make anything but a card using materials that I have on hand. Now, before you get feeling all sorry for me, I should admit that my friends refer to my craft room as a mini Michael’s. Believe me, there’s plenty of stuff in there to work with.

As it turns out, I didn’t need to dig too far into my supplies. The only things I used are a wooden frame, some fluid chalk and pigment inks, and some clear water-based varnish. I started by coloring the frame with yellow, green and aqua inks applied directly to the wood. I heat set the base coat and then stamped the leaves and floral spray (smARTworks Leaves #1 and Purpose). After that, I heat set again and brushed on the varnish. Just a word of caution about the varnish…don’t brush too much or you’ll smear your images. As an alternative, you could use a spray sealer.

Be sure to check out what the other Cookies did. This should be a great party!


  1. Great job! This picture (which is beautiful by the way) goes great with the frame!

  2. I've never heard of smartworks stamps. I'll have to go take a lookie! :) I LOVE this project!! I've used the spray sealer on clipboards and that worked beautiful. I think it turns out much better than Modpodge as a sealer. Did I say how much I LOVE this frame?! LOL

  3. Your frame almost looks "painted," and displaying the photo inside really gives it the finishing touch! Truth be told, at first I thought I was looking out a window, then I remembered you're in Connecticut where the scene is snowy!

  4. This is beautiful! You did such a great job Donna!

  5. The colors together are truly beautiful!


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