Sunday, June 6, 2010

Le Cirque

This stamp from Starving Artistamps reminds me of a performer in a Cirque du Soleil show.  I've seen three of the shows and have thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of every one of them.  OVO is coming to Hartford in a few weeks, so it's a pretty good bet that I'll get to see my fourth show.  Yes, they're that good!

Part of the fun of a Cirque du Soleil show is that your senses are completely overloaded.  In keeping with that spirit, I used bright, contrasting colors and busy patterns.  The layout for my card it the Technique by Design sketch from the current Technique Junkies Newsletter.  The technique I chose to focus is Background Whimsy - Copic Method.  I could NOT get any of my THREE white gel pens to work so I pitched them all in the garbage.  Instead, I used white acrylic ink and mixed in a little bit of white acrylic paint to make it more opaque, and then painted my white highlights with a small liner brush.  It was WAY easier than using a pen.  I am so done with those white pens!

Have a great week.  I have to be in work early tomorrow, so I have a little more time to pout about the weekend being over, then it's off to bed for me.


  1. Beautiful Donna. Thank you for the lengthly directions for the white on the TJ yahoo group. Your pic reminds me of Cirq too. Do you know that Cirq is Canadian? I'm so proud something nice comes from Canada.



  2. "Life Needs Balance," and the perfect Circ-type pic to perfectly show that. Very cute! You've done it again - created something lovely!

  3. Donna- I just love your work! Do you have any idea how talented you are?!! :-)) I've resumed blogging- you can link from my icon now that I'm following again. It's nice to be back from my short break. See you soon! Pamo

  4. another great technique. You are my technque go to girl!!!


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